Do Impatiens Reseed?

Impatiens usually reseed within the backyard, however the seedlings will steadily revert to producing tall crops with a mixture of colours in contrast to these initially planted.

Impatiens crops thrive in pots, window packing containers, hanging baskets and within the floor and are the one annual that blooms vigorously within the shade.

They are straightforward to transplant (with a ball of soil), usually reseed themselves and tend to kind a rounded mound as they develop, in order that they at all times have a tidy look.

Furthermore, do impatiens multiply? you possibly can assist impatiens crops unfold by planting them about 12 inches from every one other.

If you plant impatiens in dense configurations, they’ll develop upward and produce no spreading look.

Impatiens want some daylight for blossom and seed improvement, however they carry out greatest in filtered shade.

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