How Does A Sediment Become Sedimentary Rock?

How does a sediment turn out to be a sedimentary rock? – sediment within the ocean is generally sand, which floats round as small particles.

Eventually the sand is deposited on the ocean flooring, and builds up over lengthy durations of time.

The technique of sedimentation takes tens of millions of years at least.

When quite a lot of sediment is deposited, it would put strain on the sediment beneath, and this strain mixed with the strain of the ocean, warmth of deep earth and the period of time taken will compact it right into a tougher, denser type, extra like rock.

The chemical formulae of sand and lots of rocks is definitely largely the identical: #sio_2#, silicon dioxide or silica.

This is as a result of sand comes from erosion of rock into tiny granules, and rock is constructed up once more out of sand in sedimentation.

It’s a round course of.

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