Is Hanukkah Biblical?

There isn’t any point out both of the vacation of hanukkah, nor of the historic occasions that led to its institution, within the bible.

The most detailed account of the story of hanukkah is contained within the first and second books of maccabees.

However, these books will not be included within the hebrew bible. The books of maccabees are a part of what are generally known as the apocrypha (greek for “hidden issues”), which was thought-about a part of the biblical canon by the jews of alexandria, however not by the jews in historic israel.

It just isn’t clear precisely why these books had been excluded, although there are a number of theories — none of them utterly satisfying.

One is that the traditional rabbis who established the biblical canon most well-liked older works, and maccabees is relatively new (although simply as new because the ebook of daniel, which is included).

Others have urged the exclusion was the results of historic jewish rivalries or because of the sensible want to not promote the story of an earlier profitable jewish insurrection at a time when the jews had lately failed of their revolt in opposition to the romans.

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