Is Kantola Bitter?

Spiny gourd or kantola is accessible throughout most elements of india throughout monsoons.

It belongs to the bitter gourd household however shouldn’t be as bitter in style even with the pores and skin on.

Momordica dioica, generally often called spiny gourd or backbone gourd and often known as bristly balsma pear, prickly carolaho, teasle gourd, kantola, is a species of flowering plant within the gourd household.

It is used as a vegetable in all areas of india and a few elements in south asia.

Also, how do you develop kantola? soil requirement for backbone gourd farming:- backbone gourd/kantola could be grown on sandy loam to clay soils with ph worth of 5.

5 to 7. Soils with nicely drainage and good natural matter are greatest for it cultivation.

Propagation in backbone gourd farming:- propagation in backbone gourd farming could be accomplished by seeds or tubers.

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