Is Papilledema Serious?

Papilledema is swelling of your optic nerve, which connects the attention and mind.

This swelling is a response to a buildup of strain in or round your mind that will have many causes.

Often, it is a warning signal of a severe medical situation that wants consideration, resembling a mind tumor or hemorrhage.

But generally the strain and swelling cannot be traced to a particular downside.

In that case, there are different methods to ease the swelling. Papilledema is a severe medical situation the place the optic nerve in the back of the attention turns into swollen.

Symptoms can embody visible disturbances, complications, and nausea. Papilledema happens when there’s a buildup of strain in or across the mind, which causes the optic nerve to swell.

It is essential to determine the reason for papilledema, which might be life-threatening.

It can happen in a single or each eyes. This article will define what papilledema is, in addition to its signs and the way it may be handled.

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