Is Taffeta Polyester?

The english title is polyester taffeta, also called taffeta. Made of polyester filament or fake silk.

Polyester taffeta is a sort of polyester sheath material, is a polyester filament fabricated from silk, the texture is brilliant and easy.

This material is known as polyester taffeta, could make materials and layers, usually greater than the fabric.

Taffeta is the which means of taft, it was initially a sort of silk classification (silk 4 class 24 small class), now utilized in spinning polyester known as polyester taffeta or polyester nes, nylon known as sen.

Polyester taffeta is a full polyester skinny material, specs have 190t, 210t, 230t, and so on.

, the overall market is completed material. 190t polyester taffeta uncooked materials jingwei for polyester fdy63d / 24f, completes 150cm space, now the grey material market worth is barely decrease.

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