Que Se Significa Recabado?

Having management of 1’s schools; self-possessed: regardless of all of the turmoil round him, bob remained calm and picked up.

Brought or positioned collectively; forming an aggregation from numerous sources: the cash collected to construct an orphanage; the collected essays of thoreau.

Use the adjective collected to explain an individual who stays cool and calm, even beneath stress.

There are sure individuals who at all times appear utterly self-possessed and unflappable irrespective of what’s going on round them.

You can describe these individuals as collected. If a child throws up on the varsity bus and the motive force is unruffled, he’s collected.

A assured, poised trapeze artist can also be collected. If you are upset, you may say, “i want to gather myself,” and after you have calmed your self, you’re collected.

What Does The Word Collected Mean?

tr. To attain, to acquire with requests or supplications [what is desired].

What Is The Information Collected?

The data collected is every little thing that we discover out through the investigation and in every report it varies relying on the kind of investigation or the proof obtained.

What Is Collected?

Ask, declare one thing alleging or assuming a proper.

What Does It Mean To Collect Information?

Get what you need with begging and supplication: collect data. Asking for, claiming one thing alleging or assuming a proper: acquiring a noble title.

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