What Are The Main Functions Of A Router?

What are the primary capabilities of a router? – on this lesson, we’re going to discover the packet supply course of, from the routing perspective.

We will see how one of many essential capabilities of routing is to find out the optimum path throughout a routed community for ip packets.

We will dive deep into sure elements like routing tables and describe the totally different strategies to populate routing tables, for instance, static and dynamic routing.

For dynamic routing, will checklist the traits of routing protocols and classify them into distance, vector, and hyperlink state.

We know that routers implement layer 3 or community layer capabilities. Their essential job is to ahead packets primarily based upon a routing desk.

When doing so, in addition they present visitors segmentation, a number of broadcast domains, and outline community layer addressing subnets and networks.

Those networks are outlined by router community adapters or ports to which ip addresses are assigned.

Those ip addresses are usually the default gateway to pcs and servers or different networking units.

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