What Does Lh Do In Males?

What does lh do in males? – in males, luteinising hormone stimulates leydig cells within the testes to supply testosterone, which acts regionally to help sperm manufacturing.

Testosterone additionally exerts results throughout the physique to generate male traits reminiscent of elevated muscle mass, enlargement of the larynx to generate a deep voice, and the expansion of facial and physique hair.

The secretion of luteinising hormone from the anterior pituitary gland is regulated by means of a system known as the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis.

 gonadotrophin-releasing hormone is launched from the hypothalamus and binds to receptors within the anterior pituitary gland to stimulate each the synthesis and launch of luteinising hormone (and follicle stimulating hormone).

The launched luteinising hormone is carried within the bloodstream the place it binds to receptors within the testes and ovaries to manage their hormone secretions and the manufacturing of sperm or eggs.


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