What Happened Arkan?

It is broadly speculated that ražnatović was intently affiliated with the udba all through his felony profession overseas.

[5] he had convictions or warrants in belgium (financial institution robberies, jail escape), the netherlands (armed robberies, jail escape), sweden (twenty burglaries, seven financial institution robberies, jail escape, tried homicide[8]), west germany (armed robberies, jail escape), austria, switzerland (armed robberies, jail escape), and italy.

Ražnatović got here to function a preferred icon for each serbs and their enemies.

For some serbs he was a patriot and people hero, whereas serving as an object of hatred and worry to croats and bosniaks.

In the postwar interval after the dayton settlement was signed, ražnatović returned to his pursuits in sport and personal enterprise.

The sdg was formally disbanded in april 1996, with the specter of being reactivated in case of battle.

In june of that yr he took over a second division soccer staff, fk obilić, which he quickly become a prime caliber membership, even profitable the 1997–98 yugoslav league championship.

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