What Is A Cutey?

Cutey is a much less widespread spelling of cutie—a casual phrase for an individual thought of cute or engaging.

It can be utilized to consult with such an individual, as in there are a few actual cuteys in my math class, or to handle such an individual, as in hey, cutey, i missed you!.

This sense of the phrase might be thought of demeaning towards the individual it’s referring to or addressing.

But that’s not all the time the case, particularly when it’s directed towards an individual by somebody they love as a time period of affection.

Cutey may also be used as a time period of endearment and affection that’s particularly used to consult with or to handle younger kids, very similar to sweetheart, sweetie, or darling.

What Cutey Means?

The definition of cutey is one other spelling for cutie, which is somebody who’s engaging in an enthralling means in persona or in look. An instance of cutey is an enthralling little woman in pigtails with whom everyone seems to be delighted.

What Is Cutie Pie Mean?

: a cute individual : sweetheart.

What Is The Meaning Of Cuite?

noun. [ feminine ] /kɥit/ ivresse. bender , ingesting binge.

What Are Cuties Meaning?

: a sexy individual particularly : a fairly woman. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About cutie.

What Is The Slang Term For Cutie?

magnificence, magnificence queen, cookie. (or cooky), dolly chook.

What Does Cutely Mean?

adverb. /ˈkjuːtli/ /ˈkjuːtli/ ​in a means that’s fairly and engaging. to smile cutely.

What Is Theyd Short For?

1. They’d is a spoken type of ‘that they had’, particularly when ‘had’ is an auxiliary verb.

How Do You Spell Cuttie?

(colloquial) A t-shirt that has had the sleeves eliminated. (Scotland) Alternative spelling of cutty.

What Is A Cutie Expression?

1. A really cute, candy, or darling individual, typically a toddler. (Can be hyphenated if used as a modifier earlier than a noun.) My goodness, your child is such a cutie pie! … A time period of endearment, particularly for a kid or liked one.

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