What Is Amaranthus Spp?

The showy amaranth current within the backyard of eden, as portrayed in john milton’s paradise misplaced, is “remov’d from heav’n” when it blossoms as a result of the flowers “shade the fountain of life”.

[9] he describes amaranth as “immortal” in reference to the flowers that typically don’t wither and retain vibrant reddish tones of coloration, even when deceased; referred to in a single species as “love-lies-bleeding.

“. “amaranth” derives from greek ἀμάραντος[7] (amárantos), “unfading”, with the greek phrase for “flower”, ἄνθος (ánthos), factoring into the phrase’s growth as amaranth, the unfading flower.

Amarant is an archaic variant. The title was first utilized to the associated celosia (amaranthus and celosia share long-lasting dried flowers), as amaranthus vegetation weren’t but identified in europe.


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