What Is Cubital Fossa?

The flooring of the cubital fossa is fashioned proximally by the brachialis and distally by the supinator muscle.

The roof consists of pores and skin and fascia and is bolstered by the bicipital aponeurosis which is a sheet of tendon-like materials that arises from the tendon of the biceps brachii.

 the bicipital aponeurosis varieties a partial protecting masking to the medial nerve, brachial artery and ulnar artery.

 throughout the roof runs the median cubital vein, which could be accessed for venipuncture (see medical significance under).

The cubital fossa is an space of transition between the anatomical arm and the forearm.

It is situated in a despair on the anterior floor of the elbow joint. It can be referred to as the antecubital fossa as a result of it lies anteriorly to the elbow (latin cubitus) when in customary anatomical place.

The cubital fossa is triangular, and thus has three borders together with an apex which is directed inferiorly.

It additionally has a flooring and roof, and it’s traversed by buildings which make up its contents.


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