What Is Hkpp?

A only a few sufferers with hypokpp start having having assaults in infancy however most have their first assault between the age of 10-14 years.

About 65% of sufferers have an assault earlier than they’re 16, however some sufferers don’t have assaults till they’re older.

Patients who develop signs at a younger age might solely have an assault as soon as in whereas to start with, however assaults have a tendency to return extra typically later, and will finally happen every day.

Attacks might final an hour or two or (generally) a day or two. Attacks fluctuate from delicate weak spot in a hand, foot or limbs one time to finish paralysis the subsequent.

Some assaults trigger muscle tenderness and aching and a few are painless. Patients may have abortive assaults – every day weak spot which varies hour to hour or daily.

These assaults can final for months and could also be mistaken for everlasting weak spot.

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