What Is Pigmented Purpura?

What is pigmented purpura? – there are lots of completely different subtypes of pigmented purpuric dermatosis. their scientific presentation can primarily distinguish these, however some have distinctive histopathology as nicely.

This variant presents with annular patches of punctate red-brown macules and patches on the legs with punctate petechiae on the border.

The annular (ring-like) configuration of the patches with central clearing is exclusive, and annular plaques can also manifest.

 this eruption usually begins on the decrease legs however can unfold proximally and might also happen on the arms and trunk.

 this subtype is commonest in females. [1]. The hallmark of lichen aureus is the presentation of ovoid golden orange to mildly purpuric macules, patches, and plaques.

They could also be fairly pruritic, though they’re usually asymptomatic. The lesions are sometimes unilateral and localized to the legs however can contain the trunk and arms.

It is commonest in younger adults and might have a power course that will persist for years.

This eruption can be distinguished by a dense band of lichenoid dermal irritation, in distinction to the opposite subtypes of pigmented purpuric dermatitis, which don’t exhibit lichenoid histopathology.


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