What Is The Snow Equivalent Of One Inch Rain?

What is the snow equal of 1 inch of rain? – actually, i took this under consideration when forecasting 15 to 25 inches from the philadelphia space southward for the storm.

We even confirmed a graphic on-air explaining these estimates. We’ve had storms with snow nearer to twenty levels — transferring the snow ratio nearer to 20-to-one.

And, when it is hotter (35 to 40 levels), the ratio strikes to 5-to-1.

So, when somebody claims that it is 10:1, interval, you possibly can inform her or him that they are improper.

The most necessary issue that impacts the rain to snow conversion is temperature.

The quantity of snow that one inch of rain will produce at various temperatures is given within the desk beneath.

This provides you with a greater understanding of how the rain to snow calculator works and how one can convert any variety of inches of snow to rain or rain to snow.

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