Who Created Yggdrasil?

Scholars usually take into account hoddmímis holt, mímameiðr, and læraðr to be different names for the tree.

The tree is an instance of sacred bushes and groves in germanic paganism and mythology, and students within the subject of germanic philology have lengthy mentioned its implications.

Yggdrasil (from previous norse yggdrasill [ˈyɡːˌdrɑselː]), in norse cosmology, is an immense and central sacred tree.

Around it exists all else, together with the 9 worlds. A 3rd interpretation, introduced by f.

Detter, is that the title yggdrasill refers back to the phrase yggr (“terror”), but not in reference to the odinic title, and so yggdrasill would then imply “tree of terror, gallows”.

F. R. Schröder has proposed a fourth etymology in keeping with which yggdrasill means “yew pillar”, deriving yggia from *igwja (which means “yew-tree”), and drasill from *dher- (which means “help”).


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