Who Is Elegua?

Elegua (yoruba: èṣù-ẹlẹ́gbára, additionally spelled eleggua; referred to as eleguá in latin america and spanish-speaking caribbean islands) is an orisha, a deity of roads within the religions of santería, umbanda, quimbanda, and candomblé.

He is syncretized with saint michael, saint anthony of padua, or holy toddler of atocha.

[1][2]. Elegua is called èṣù-ẹlẹ́gbára within the yoruba faith and is carefully related to eshu.

Ẹlẹ́gbára means the “grasp of power” within the yoruba language. [1][2].

There is a patakí (story) in santería wherein olodumare offers eleguá the keys to the previous, current, and future; because of this, eleguá is commonly depicted holding a set of keys.

A determine of eleguá could also be positioned in the home behind the doorway door.


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