Who Is Karlheinz?

Karlheinz is the principle antagonist of the sport, anime, and manga of diabolik lovers.

He is the husband of cordelia, beatrix, and christa. He can be the daddy of the sakamaki brothers (ayato, kanato, laito, shu, reiji, subaru, and kino).

Karlheinz can be the king of the vampires. Karlheinz could be very clever and highly effective, nonetheless, he is incapable of feeling love and affection.

This is confirmed by way of out flashbacks. He additionally appears to be a womanizer, as he seduced all three of his wives for his egocentric plans.

Karlheinz gave them false love to ensure that them to interrupt their kids in order that his sons be taught love from a human woman (yui komori).

Who Is Karlheinz Sakamaki?

Karlheinz (カールハインツ Kāruhaintsu), often known as Tougo Sakamaki (逆巻 透吾 Sakamaki Tōgo) and Reinhart (ラインハルト Rainharuto), is the husband of Cordelia, Beatrix and Christa, the older brother of Richter and the daddy of all six of the Sakamaki brothers. Karl can be the present Vampire King, chief of all of the vampires.

What Did Karlheinz Do Christa?

Christa has been described by her son as being probably the most lovely earlier than Karlheinz raped her and gave delivery to Subaru, she has a considerably slender and mournful look. She additionally has white and pink hair and pink eyes, matching her son’s.

Who Is The Father Of Sakamaki Brothers?

Karlheinz is the daddy of the Sakamaki brothers, in addition to the benefactor to the Mukami brothers. He can be the husband to Cordelia, Beatrix and Christa.

Who Is Karlheinz?

Karlheinz is the principle antagonist of the sport, anime, and manga of Diabolik Lovers. He is the husband of Cordelia, Beatrix, and Christa. He can be the daddy of the Sakamaki brothers (Ayato, Kanato, Laito, Shu, Reiji, Subaru, and Kino). Karlheinz can be the King of the Vampires.

Who Is Kino Sakamaki Mother?

History. Kino was born to the Vampire King Karlheinz and a unknown mistress. His authentic half-siblings and stepmothers did not find out about his existence.

What Is Laito Sakamaki Afraid Of?

He is right-handed like his triplet brother Kanato. His foot measurement is 26cm. He is afraid of bugs and creepy crawlies.

Does Karlheinz Love Christa?

As strongly implied in Subaru’s DARK FATE route, Christa is definitely Karlheinz’s cousin. Christa was revealed to have believed that Karlheinz cherished her, and thus agreed to marry him.

Why Was Christa Locked Up?

Christa did cherished Subaru and was doted him. Unfortunately, the love/hate she had for her husband took a big effect on her. … When her psychological well being grew to become to harmful for her son to take care of her, her husband would locked her up in a tower.

Did Laito Sleep With Cordelia?

Although, he and Kanato had extra freedom then their brother Ayato, Laito was envy of his brothers as a result of that they had their mom’s consideration and he did not. … Cordelia did slept with different males which Laito would kill them so he might have his mom/lover to himself.

Who Is Yui’s Biological Father?

Hotoke Inoue Hotoke was Rin’s employer and her lover. He is the organic father of her daughter Yui Komori.

Why Do The Sakamaki Brothers Hate Karlheinz?

Therefore and largely due to the neglect and emotional abuse, Karl dealt to their moms, a lot of the Sakamaki hate him deeply. Karlheinz can present extra concern for individuals who aren’t his personal sons, just like the Mukami’s who he saved in an effort to make them serve him willingly for his experiment.

Who Is Yui Komori Mother?

Catherine is the type and beneficiant divorced spouse of Seiji and the beloved mom of Yui. She goes along with her daughter to the Sakamaki Mansion to observe over her.

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