Who Killed Cuauhtemoc?

Cuauhtémoc known as for reinforcements from the countryside to assist the protection of tenochtitlán, after eighty days of warfare in opposition to the spanish.

Of all of the nahuas, solely tlatelolcas remained loyal, and the surviving tenochcas appeared for refuge in tlatelolco, the place even ladies took half within the battle.

Cuauhtémoc was captured on august 13, 1521, whereas fleeing tenochtitlán by crossing lake texcoco together with his spouse, household, and mates.

Cuauhtémoc, now baptized as fernando cuauhtémotzín, continued to carry his place beneath the spanish, conserving the title of tlatoani, however he was now not the sovereign ruler.

[6] he ordered the development of a renaissance-style two-storied stone palace in tlatelolco, during which he settled after the destruction of tenochtitlan; the constructing survived and was referred to as the tecpan or palace.

[citation needed].

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