Who Made Alexandria?

Who made alexandria? – just a few months after the muse, alexander left egypt for the east and by no means returned to his metropolis.

After alexander departed, his viceroy, cleomenes, continued the growth of the town.

Though cleomenoes was primarily accountable for seeing to alexandria’s steady growth, the heptastadion (causeway to pharos island) and the main-land quarters appear to have been primarily ptolemaic work.

Demographic particulars of how alexandria rose rapidly to its nice dimension stay unknown.

[5]. The german excavation workforce discovered stays of a ptolemaic colonnade and streets within the north-east of the town, however little else.

Hogarth explored a part of an immense brick construction underneath the mound of kom el deka, which can have been a part of the paneum, the mausolea, or a roman fortress.

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