Who Tamed Enkidu?

The gods punish gilgamesh and enkidu by giving enkidu a gradual, painful, inglorious dying for killing the demon humbaba and the bull of heaven.

Read an in-depth evaluation of enkidu. Shamhat – the temple prostitute who tames enkidu by seducing him away from his pure state.

Enkidu was fashioned from clay and water by aruru, the goddess of creation, to rid gilgamesh of his vanity.

In the story he’s a wild man, raised by animals and unaware of human society till he’s bedded by shamhat.

Also, did ishtar kill enkidu? after gilgamesh defeats him, the 2 turn into mates (in some variations enkidu turns into gilgamesh’s servant).

He aids gilgamesh in killing the divine bull despatched by the goddess ishtar to destroy them.

The gods then kill enkidu in revenge, prompting gilgamesh to seek for immortality.

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