Who Was Tlaloc?

Archaeological proof signifies tlaloc was worshipped in mesoamerica earlier than the aztecs even settled there within the thirteenth century advert.

He was a distinguished god in teotihuacan a minimum of 800 years earlier than the aztecs.

[26] this has led to meso-american goggle-eyed rain gods being referred to generically as “tlaloc,” though in some circumstances it’s unknown what they have been known as in these cultures, and in different circumstances we all know that he was known as by a special title, e.

G. , the maya model was referred to as chaac and the zapotec deity as cocijo.

Tlaloc effigy vessel; 1440–1469; painted earthenware; top: 35 cm (1museo del templo mayor (mexico metropolis).

One facet of the aztecs’ nice temple, the templo mayor, was devoted to the storm god , the pyramid-temple symbolizing his mountain-cave abode.

This jar, coated with stucco and painted blue, is adorned with the visage of , recognized by his coloration, ringed tooth and jaguar tooth; the aztecs likened the rumble of thunder to the feline’s growl.

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